Short infrared esthetic device

Appareil à infrarouge courts pour soins esthétique par Diadermie, Diasculpt
  • Technologie
    Anti-ageing & Sliming technology
  • Application


    Face & body treatments
  • Actions

    Short infrared, a combination of heat and red light, deeply penetrate the dermal tissues. They trigger a phenomenon of photo-bio-stimulation which densifies the tissues and instantly decreases the fat mass.

  • Results

    Results of the action of Diadermie are immediate, lasting and measurable from the first session, both for slimming and anti-aging treatments.

  • Treatment

    A cure requires on average 5 to 10 treatment sessions, which can be scheduled twice a week.

  • Session length

    Each session lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

    The duration of the sessions varies depending on the size of the treated area


The Diasculpt device is particularly cost effective.

4 to 6 months are enough, on average, to pay off your investment.

The extras

  • Innovative and efficient aesthetic technology
  • Natural and non-invasive method
  • An anti-aging and slimming device
  • Quick and comfortable care
  • Treatments with no consumables
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Maximum profitability
  • Quick payback

Designed using cutting-edge technology, the versatile Diasculpt device from Corpoderm is designed to provide slimming and anti-aging treatments that are pleasant, effective, painless, natural and non-invasive.

Its innovative and exclusive forced air cooling system ensures perfect control of the temperature of the epidermis. Easy to use, it does not require the use of consumables and is particularly profitable.

100% natural and non-invasive, short infrared biostimulation treatment technology is now the best alternative to cosmetic surgery.

The photo bio-stimulation by Diadermie exerts a slimming and anti-aging action in a single treatment :

  • The natural physiological processes responsible for cell regeneration are activated and amplified, producing various effects :
    • the density of collagen and elastin fibers increases, and the skin is firmer
    • the tissues are better oxygenated, the complexion is even and radiant.
  • The natural physiological processes responsible for the elimination of toxins and fat are activated and amplified, and the fat mass immediately decreases.

Technical characteristics

  • 4 high performance handpieces: 2 body handpieces and 2 face handpieces each with a patented bulb.

  • Resistant infrared bulb with filter. Specially designed for Diasculpt, this bulb is temperature resistant up to 60 ° C. A filter system also makes it possible to control the power of the red light (between 600 and 900nm).

  • Pulsed air cooling system. A Corpoderm innovation that makes it possible to use short infrared without risk for the upper layers of the epidermis.

  • Large format touch screen.

  • Modern and intuitive interface.

  • 1600W generator equipped with a ventilation system to perform several treatments continuously.

  • Temperature sensor and visual control system.

Technical specifics

  • Ergonomics


  • Number of handpieces


  • Wave length

    600 –900 nm

  • Maximum consumption

    1600 W

  • Protection class (dust humidity)

    40 IP

  • Electrical protection class


  • Airflow with hose

    15 Kpa

  • Noise level at 1.5m (ISO 11203)

    27 dB (without connector plugged in)

  • Weight of the device

    15 kg

  • Overall dimensions


Infrared intensity

  • 0


  • 2


  • 4


  • 6


  • 8

    55°C (risk of redness)

  • 10

    58°C (risk of burns)

logo diasculpt appareil lumière rouge esthétique

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