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Made in France

Designed by experts in LED technology and professional beauty services, BodyLED is manufactured in Toulouse, France, with high-quality materials from the aeronautics sector.

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  • Technology

    Photobiomodulation therapy (PBM)

    Anti-age & anti-blemish technology
  • Application

    Anti-age, anti-blemish, skin firming and toning, preventing hair loss, managing stress and relaxation

  • Actions

    Photobiomodulation is a physiological procedure used to regenerate cells.

  • Treatment duration

    Treatment over 4 to 8 sessions, a few days apart.

  • Session length

    One session lasts between 8 and 20 minutes

using BodyLED full body pbm lllt therapy device

Full-body LED exposure

The size of the BodyLED is designed to adapt to the whole body from the soles of the feet to the roots of the hair.

The diode panels are designed to guarantee optimal exposure from a distance of 10 cm. The moveable worktable makes it easy to place customers at the right distance. The panels are hinged to guarantee the best light angle.

The diode emission angle is also designed to produce a homogenous combination of colours at a distance of 10 cm for treatments based on the synergy of a range of different wavelengths.

BodyLED is equipped with a control interface which is fully integrated into the arch and a wireless user's tablet to make configuring the device and consulting customer records easier.

Hands-free technology, photobiomodulation therapy requires no intervention during the session.

control interface Body LED device

Infrared and visible spectrum

The diodes on the BodyLED make use of wavelengths ranging from 470 to 900 nm in 5 colours: blue, yellow, red and two wavelengths close to infrared and adapted to in-depth treatments.

BodyLED uses different colours at the same time for greater efficacy. Each layer of the skin absorbs light to the maximum, making sure the highest wavelengths are transferred.

The harmony between the colours and their combined action result in a wide range of treatments with effective action and lasting results. Around 200 protocols are available in the settings interface. This interface can also be used to create customised protocols.

example full body LED exposure

Power and performance

The diffusion power of the LEDs and the stability of this power result in guaranteed results from photobiomodulation therapy using LED.

BodyLED uses specific LEDs designed to attain the irradiance levels needed to activate photobiomodulation without generating heat. A patented cooling system cools down each LED to guarantee stable performance.

Two light-emission modes can be used to modulate light diffusion, with a continuous or "pulse" effect in order to optimise the performance of specific applications.


100% natural and non-invasive, photobiomodulation therapy is a physiological process without danger or side effects, and so can be used in a wide range of treatments. The following list is non-exhaustive. It includes the most popular applications to date in beauty salons, wellness centres and spas.

  • Anti-ageing

    Skin rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and of itching

  • Reducing stretch marks

    All types of stretch marks: white and red stretch marks

  • Abdomen, chest reduction

    Cellulite, sagging skin

  • Firming up loose skin
    Improved complexion, loose skin
  • Skin toning

    Wrinkles, closing pores, skin imperfections

  • Scar healing

    Scars, burns, sunburn

  • Stress management and relaxation
    Relaxing, soothing, sleep, seasonal imbalance, post-pregnancy relaxation treatment, period pain
  • Preventing hair loss

    Slowing down hair loss, stimulation of new growth, soothing treatment, post-implant treatment

Precautions in use

The LED device is guaranteed UV-free. A large number of medical studies have shown that this solution is harmless for the body. Ongoing studies are continuing to explore, not the dangers but the advantages of a technology with wide-ranging benefits.

Nonetheless, a few precautions are in order:

  • Using photosensitive products. Only photosensitive products specially designed for photobiomodulation treatment by LED should be used.

  • During pregnancy, LED photobiomodulation therapy should only be used on the face.

  • Contraindication: LED therapy is not suited to people suffering from epilepsy.

The extras

  • Hands-free professional device
  • Natural and non-invasive method
  • Treatments with no consumables
  • Full body exposure
  • Visible and lasting results
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Completely safe and harmless!

Technical features

  • Number of panels

    10 panels 18 x 38 cm

  • Illuminated surface area

    10 x (18 x 38 cm) = 6840 cm2

  • Number of LEDs


  • Power density

    100mW/cm2 at 10 cm

  • Fluence

    156 Joules / cm2

  • Number of colours

    5 (blue, yellow, red, IR1, IR2)

  • Wavelength

    470 à 900 nm

  • Weight

    180 kg (including table)

  • Dimensions

    265 x 80 x 180 cm

  • Modes

    Continuous, pulsating.

*The LED (light emitting diode) or electroluminescent diodes are optoelectronic components resulting in the emission of monochromatic light. They differ according to their intensity and emission spectrum (colour).
The LEDs in the photobiomodulation therapy BodyLED device use an emission spectrum ranging from blue to close to infrared to regenerate cells in depth. The devices have an unmatched light-emission power to the cm2 and are equipped with a powerful cooling system to guarantee a constant level of emission no matter how long the equipment is in use.

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